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Teaching and Coaching


I'm teaching regular dance classes for professional and non-professional dancers. My focus in dance classes is on sustainability. A sustainable training and still implementing the diversity of contemporary dance. 


Are you preparing for an Audition or you like to improve your technique or qualities? Then let's dive into the great vocabulary of contemporary dance.  

I also work with movement analysis and like to dive with you into the different qualities of the movements.

Contemporary dance lessons

 In my dance lessons, sustainability comes first. I am interested in developing content and methods that allow dancers to sustainably encounter the diversity of contemporary dance. The lessons are constructive, which means that we prepare our body for more complex movement sequences in the course of the lesson in order to understand and internalize the technique of the movements. The lessons focus on changing topics, whereby different movement qualities can be developed. The elements of my lessons are also very varied in order to make a wide range of contemporary dance tangible. 

Fascia dancing

For several years I have been dealing with the fascial qualities of our locomotor organism. On closer inspection it quickly becomes clear that these two worlds, dance and fascia, have a lot in common.  

In fascia dancing we move holistically and consciously. Movements that happen with great speed and complexity in contemporary lessons can be deepened here and trained with a clear focus on internal processes.  

The workout is similar to a mix of yoga, improvisation, slings pilates and imagining dance.

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