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sustainable movement

Am 4. März 2023 fand der Release meines Kartensets connectivedance® statt. Bei diesem methodisch-spielerischen Konzept wird auf Nachhaltigkeit im Tanz gesetzt und die Bewegung durch die 'Brille' der Faszien betrachtet. 

Über connectivedance

I have been interested in sustainable dance training for many years. During my Masters in dance at ZHDK I finally dedicated myself to the connection between fascia and dance. This resulted in a metodocical dance game, which shows how much these two topics actually have in common. 

Connectiv is a methodical dance game for dance teachers, but also creators and movement researchers. The game looks at dance from the point of view of the fascia tissue. Dance intuitively contains many qualities that the fascial structures of our body need. Dance does not have to reinvent itself, but rather focus on the question of the intention with which movements can be performed. The game is as dynamic as the fasciae. It is precisely the variety and diversity of possible applications that is important, as there is not just one right way.



Release of the game is planned for 2022.

Process of the game

Would you like information about connective dance ? Then write me.

Thanks very much!

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