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Lisa Lareida

dancer maker from Bern

I live from and for movement. Getting to the bottom of it fascinates me every day. Through my training, my commitments and my teaching activities, I bring with me a broad and interconnected knowledge. I am fascinated by analyzing the body and movement and their interplay in a holistic and sustainable way, and I am constantly learning. I encounter dance in all its diversity as a dance teacher, performer, researcher and maker.

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Education & Diplomas

MASTER DANCE Teaching & Coaching Dance Professionals


MASTER OF SIENCE Neuroorthopeadics

University of Donau Krems

Certificate ISP Steps on Broadway

 New York

Diploma Dance Teacher



EFZ Orthopedist

Workshops and more

OBOC Contertechnique

Amsterdam 2021, 2022

Slings Myofascial training 

Art of Motion

Gait analysis 

Gehen Verstehen

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